Spicy Dill



For all the Bloody Mary’s and Martini lovers! Or really just people who love pickles and love to drink! This is the infusion for you! Inspired by our veteran bartender, Melissa, (who orders a cup of pickles daily upon arriving at work) and who love’s her vodka… If you have ever had a dirty martini, and love pickles, you may have also had a pickle martini. For years, this was my summertime drink. Just through my favorite vodka over some ice and a bit of olive juice, shake and strain right into my glass (or mouth, dependingon time or day)!  Since we have started infusing our own vodka here at Thrasher’s Corner Pub, why not take out the step of adding pickle juice, olive juice, or any other “filler”? Let’s just infuse the vodka with what we want to mix it with, wink wink!


You can pretty much google any flavors and find a way to infuse it into a vodka... When looking into a pickle infused vodka, I found recipes I liked and sort of merged them into my own. To begin; I took two cucumbers and cut them lengthwise and removed all seeds. Then I juilienned the cucumber into thin slices (I chose this knife cut for the aestecially pleasing look that it gives when playing it back into the bottle). Now I placed the sliced cucumber into an empty 750ml 360 Vodka bottle. This was a mistake. If I were you, I would get all of the ingredients ready before putting them into the bottle. The next ingredient was 1 jalepeno, which I removed the seeds and julienned just like the cucumber. I bought 1 package of fresh dill, and one garlic clove. Now that I have all the ingredients, I should have placed some dill with a few cucumber slices and jalepeno slices and placed into the vodka bottle, and repeated until all ingredients were in the bottle. My problem was, I packed the bottle full with cucumber slices, then jalepeno, then garlic cloves. Then I used a funnel to fill the bottle with the vodka I had poured out in order to infuse. Starting with 750ml of vodka, and the amount of room the ingredients took up, only left room for about 3/4 of the original vodka. You can use a larger container to avoid this yeild waste, but I really like the look of the bottle for display. Although I didn't insert the ingredients in the order I should have the vodka still turned out delicious. The ingredient placement worked, however while infusing the only aroma and immediate taste I would get would be the garlic. If you look at the above photos, you can see why. The garlic was the last to go in, so it just sat a the top. Daily I would agitate, mostly vigourously shake, to ensure even distribution of the ingredients. I let this vodka infuse for 7days, or until the desired taste you are looking for is reached. We have been using this as a straight martini, as well as vodka for bloody mary's. So far the dill, and garlic is really forethcoming. Next time, I will use more jalepeno... I really wanted the spice to be a kicker!