Infused Vodka


Grandma’s Pie Never Tasted So Good!

Pie was not our only inspiration when choosing this flavor profile, it was really Heather’s green thumb and blossoming garden that drew us to these two flavors. A usual dilemma in the strawberry and rhubarb growing process is the timing of the two. Either your strawberries are ready and your rhubarb is not or vice versa. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided to pick the rhubarb early to get a more tart flavor, rather than sweet.  Uncertain about how our infused vodka would turn out, we took the plunge and dove right in. The result, was nothing more than amazing!




4 8oz Mason Jars


12package of Strawberries, sliced


8 Stalks of Rhubarb, cubed


1 750ML 360 Vodka




1 1/4 c Sliced Strawberries in each mason jar


1 1/4 c Cubed Rhubarb in each mason jar


Fill jars with 360 vodka, and seal


Agitate daily


Let the vodka sit for 4 days or until desired taste


Strain vodka using a fine mesh strainer


Using a funnel, pour infused vodka into desired jar

The vodka turned into this beautiful pink color and the aroma of strawberry was hard to ignore. The great part about infusing the vodka, is the fresh taste. We have strawberry flavored vodka, that has a bit of a cough syrup taste to it, but not our infusion. The strawberry taste is what you would expect from a fresh picked strawberry out of your own garden. Because this is such a summer time flavor, we paired it with homemade mint lemonade and called it “The Southern Belle”